The PIG Paradigm:
The Design and Use of a Massively Parallel Fine Grained Self-Reconfigurable Infinitely Scalable Architecture

Nicholas J. Macias
From Proceedings of the First NASA/DoD Workshop on Evolvable Hardware Copyright© 1999 IEEE
The requirements of a general purpose massively parallel processing system are outlined. The suitability of a fine-grained self-reconfigurable system to general massively parallel processing is shown. A new type of self-reconfigurable device called the PIG is introduced, and details of its design and operation are explained. The PIG's uniqueness compared to other reconfigurable systems is discussed. This uniqueness is further illustrated through specific examples of PIG circuits. An application of the PIG to evolvable hardware is described. Further potential applications are discussed. Plans for future work, including options for building a large-scale PIG are discussed.