Popular Press Articles about Cell Matrix Research & Development

"Programmable wires up configurability"
by Chappell Brown, in EE Times, June 23 2003, www.eet.com.
describes recent high speed wiring invention

Announcement of Patent Award
June 10, 2003
press release about latest patent, received for an enhancement to the hardware cell definition to increase signal routing speed

"Graphitics fashions a revolution"
by Chappell Brown, in EE Times, April 25, 2002
as a subsection of a Special Report on the Editors' picks for most hope-inspiring innovations and emerging technologies of 2002.
In an article written as if it were currently the year 2009, Advanced Technology Editor Chappell Brown makes a long-range prediction that ubiquitous computing will be well integrated into life by then, and that Cell Matrix technology will be used to organize and program flexible, wearable computing fabrics.

"Self-configuring array enables atomic-scale fabrication"
by Chappell Brown, in EE Times, March 19 2002, www.eet.com.
an interview with Cell Matrix Corporation co-founder Nicholas Macias. describes some unique features of the Cell Matrix architecture and points out the ability to program a nanotechnology-based Cell Matrix via a few cells on its edge.

"Reconfigurable architecture scales to future chip densities"
by Rodney Myrvaagnes in Electronic Products, January 2002, www.electronicproducts.com.
summarizes DES cracker implementation and other information from the paper "The Cell Matrix: An Architecture for Nanocomputing" by L Durbeck and N Macias published in 2000 in Nanotechnology, which can be read from the publications page.