Simulation Engine and API
Our Cell Matrix simulators come in several flavors. The flavorings are mostly to do with the kind of interface they provide you with. One is a graphical tool that lets you do things like point to a cell with your mouse and see graphical output when the simulator is running. Another that we will soon provide you with provides a command-line interface. Underneath all of these interfaces is what we call the Cell Matrix Simulation Engine™. Used appropriately, this engine simulates the functional behavior of Cell Matrix hardware at a cellular level. With direct access to those functions and an understanding of how to use them, you can write your own programs and interfaces to suit your project.
This is Version 1.0, for the Linux operating system, no warranties, use at your own risk. It is intended for noncommercial use only, for such activities as research, development, and self-edification. Contact us if you need a commercial license to use this tool ( cmsupport2 (a.t.) cellmatrix (d-o-t) com).
Once we receive your request, we will email you the zip file. Put the file where you want it, then use unzip to decompress it. It has a linkable library in a Linux-friendly format (, plus the API, plus a license, plus some sample programs for you to start with. Start by looking at the file README.txt
Everyone who obtains a copy of the API and Simulation Engine who wishes to know of changes will be contacted via email when anything is significantly changed or improved (new functions, new platforms it will run on, etc). Send email to api (a.t.) cellmatrix (d.o.t.) com if you run into any problems or if there are functions you need that are not currently present in the API. If you are interested in forming a discussion group about Cell Matrix API-related work, let us know.