What is a Cell Matrix?



A Cell Matrix™ is an electronic structure with a set of physical and functional properties that are convenient for designing and manufacturing circuits. The Cell Matrix computing architecture is essentially a construct for thinking about, designing, and building digital circuits. Whereas computer programming languages provide a way of thinking about and solving problems, they do not permit the programmer to participate in the design of the machine that executes the program. That level of optimization and codesign is off-limits. Our computing architecture is completely open, flexible, and programmable, providing the designer with unprecedented control over the algorithm, its translation to circuitry, and the design and layout of the circuits themselves.



We have been developing in-house the expertise to fully develop and use the Cell Matrix framework for iterative circuit design, testing, and construction. We are also working to make our results, our expertise, and our techniques available and accessible for widespread use, in a wide array of markets, and by people who come from a variety of disciplines.



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