Dimitri Yatsenko, Automated Placement and Routing for Cell Matrix Circuits
Bin Wang, Sequence Alignment on a Cell Matrix in O(n) time
Lukáš Sekanina, Evolvable Components


  People Contributing to Cell Matrix Use, Application and Knowledge:
About this Section

  This region of the site contains a small but ever-increasing number of short biographies of people and descriptions of the Cell Matrix-related projects they are working on. The goal is for everyone who is working on any related project or concept to have a page here, devoted to their work. To have yourself and your project added, send an email to cmsupport2 (a.t.) cellmatrix (d.o.t.) com, and we'll work with you to put it together and get it posted.
    These biographies were conceived of as a way to recognize and honor the work of individuals and groups, and also to help people to connect with people with similar interests or complementary expertise.These connections have the power to make each person's individual project easier, and also to make it easier to start larger, joint projects and collaborations. Please contact us about your own project and biography.