A cell's mapping from D inputs to C and D outputs is controlled by that cell's internal truth table. This truth table therefore completely specifies a cell's D mode behavior. To examine a cell's truth table, simply click on the inside of a cell in the 6x6 matrix. The truth table at the right will be changed to reflect the selected cell's truth table.
     Each row of the truth table corresponds to a particular combination of DN, DS, DW and DE inputs. For example, the third row shows what the cell's outputs will be if DN=0, DS=0, DW=1 and DE=0. The corresponding outputs are shown in the 8 columns labeled CN, CS, CW, CE, DN, DS, DW and DE.
Once you have displayed a cell's truth table, you can change the table by clicking on output values, output headings, or input cells. Changing t he truth table itself does not affect the cell, however. The cell's truth table is only changed when you hit the Apply button.
     In addition to the large truth table at the right of the display, each cell displays a small iconic representation of its truth table within the gray square inside the cell. Dark dots correspond to 1s, and light dots correspond to 0s. This display is most useful for noting the shifting of a cell's truth table, rather than actually reading the input-to-output mapping.