Graphical Layout Editor
A preliminary version of the Cell Matrix Layout Editor™ is available for download. This tool allows you to create libraries of cells, specifying their behavior via Boolean equations. These cells can then be cut and pasted into a graphical representation of a two-dimensional Cell Matrix to create circuits. These circuits can be written out from the Editor in a binary format which the Cell Matrix Simulator™ can read.
     The current version, though written in Java, only works under Windows. If you're interested in a Linux version, please contact us (cmsupport2 (at) cellmatrix (d.o.t.) com) and let us know, and we'll see what we can do.
download self-extracting zip file
To load the Layout Editor, simply download the self-extracting file using the link above. This copies the file "Portable_Loader.exe". If you double-click on that file, and then click on the "Extract" button, it will create a directory C:\PORTABLE LOADER and load the necessary pieces into that directory. If you need to extract into a different directory, you may specify a new directory before clicking ther "Extract" button. Note, however, that unless you install the files into C:\PORTABLE LOADER, you will need to modify some files in order to run the editor.
Once the files have been extracted, you should read the "Cell Matrix Layout Editor.pdf" for a brief (nine page) overview of the tool. Here's the overview, separate from the zip file:
Documentation for the Cell Matrix Layout Editor
The installed software includes sample files and libraries. A good way to learn how to use the tool is to start experimenting with it. The first few pages of the documentation should give you enough information to get started.