Cell Matrix Simulator with Graphical Front-end for Windows
Version 2.0 of the Cell Matrix Simulator™ (for PCs running Windows NT, 98, 95, or 3.1) is available for download. With this software you can work with a small two-dimensional matrix of four-sided cells. The Simulator allows you to examine and modify any cell's truth table, to see the inputs and outputs to all cells, and to modify the inputs to any border cells. You can also control the system-wide clock, stopping, single-stepping, or free-running it.
    This simulator can be quite powerful: it has been used to develop Cell Matrix configurations as large as 400x800. However, it is not by itself a complete development system. It is most useful as a learning tool, to explore the concepts of the Cell Matrix in a hands-on fashion.
download self-extracting zip file
This will download !CMSETUP.EXE, the Simulator setup file. Once you have downloaded it, follow these steps to install the software:
  1. Create a new directory for the Simulator and support files (this directory should be empty).
  2. Move !CMSETUP.EXE (the downloaded file) into the new directory.
  3. Double click on the !CMSETUP.EXE icon.
  4. A license agreement appears. To accept it, click the ACCEPT button.
  5. The Simulator (C_MATRIX.EXE) and several support files will be placed in the current directory.
There is documentation inside the zip file. Several sample circuits are also provided to help get you started. You can also create your own circuits using the Cell Matrix Layout Editor™, and then use the Simulator to try them out.