About the Technology: Contents


1. slide show: introductory description of Cell Matrix™ architecture, hardware, and cells


- defines Cell Matrix™ architecture and hardware


- features of the architecture


- Cell Matrix™ cell definition


- application areas




2. Cell Matrix™ technology described in relationship with other technologies


- mutually beneficial relationship with nanotechnology


- comparison to conventional reconfigurable device, FPGA


- Future topic: Cell Matrix™ compared and contrasted with existing architectures (FPGAs, cellular automata, CPU/memory architecture, etc)




3. Complete list of written material about Cell Matrix™ research


- patents received for Cell Matrix™ R&D


- best summary to date of the synergy between nanotechnology and Cell Matrices™


- best computer science paper to date on Cell Matrix™ architecture


- application paper: Evolvable Hardware: Linear time performance for onboard evolution


- application paper: fast searching using large Cell Matrices™




4. User highlight: applying Cell Matrix™ architecture to bioinformatics

5. EE Times article and other articles in popular press

6. For more information: contact us with specific questions